Sri Lanka’s DIGITAL ID and SOCIAL CREDIT QR Code Fuel Rationing

If we don’t actively pushback against the globalist agenda, they will try to implement this in as many countries as possible.

That’s why we’ve started to unify globally. Join us –

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  1. Writing from a rural sri lankan village… people here dont care about privacy or data protection or what ever else you think; here people are concerned about surviving and trying to get food on their table tomorrow.
    The QR code was introduced to stop people from hoarding fuel and selling it at black market prices. Its to make sure everyone gets their fare share of petrol. Kids are dying because they cant get to a hospital; and others are hoarding and making money selling petrol at 4 times the price to russian tourist who have rented scooters or 3wheelers. Also, farmers and fishermen don’t have smartphones so this system will in work in rural areas. Its first come first serve.

  2. I have spoken to a very active protester in Sri Lanka (who I personally knew a long time ago) and he says the Sri Lankan protesters have no concern over digital identity or surveillance issues. They are waiting for an IMF bailout (which was one of their demands) and they believe after that fuel rationing the QR codes will be removed and they’ll go back to normal. Neither are they aware of or concerned about vaccine injuries. Almost everyone in Sri Lanka (protesters included) are mortally afraid of Covid and generally hold all doctors and the WHO in high esteem. They don’t understand or identify with the western protest movement (eg Dutch farmers/Canadian truckers). Some have a vague notion that they are “right wing extremists that hate immigrants and refugees”. The notion of sanctity of individual freedom barely exists in a post colonised (by Europeans) country and government paternalism and largesse seems to be the end result. There is however a small but longstanding revolutionary Marxist movement that claims to oppose “oppression by elites” Believe it or not the new President, a WEF candidate, is more popular than the one they just removed whose removal was the SOLE OBJECTIVE of the recent protest there. Please feel free to PM me and I can put you in touch with some of them.