People’s Declaration

It was this video that inspired me to create a global declaration in attempt to unite the various groups and individuals around the world who have a common goal…to push back against the globalist agenda.

“United we stand, divided we fall” Aesop (620 DB)

In order to showcase global unity, we will promote organizations, brands, and platforms that have signed, attached an image, and indicated they want to be published. The world will see that we are uniting!

Whether you’re an individual or a group, tick the boxes you agree with. You don’t have to subscribe, but if you do, you’ll get notifications of other global initiatives to inspire unity.

  1. I vow to do my best to not undermine the efforts of other individuals, groups, or organizations who share a common goal of defeating globalism, especially those who have signed this declaration.
  2. I will not comply with the globalist agenda (agenda 2030) of centralizing legislative and enforcement power into the hands of non-elected bureaucrats.
  3. I will never voluntarily sign up for a digital ID.
  4. I will fight to help keep cash alive.
  5. I believe that human rights are non-negotiable. Rights like bodily autonomy, movement, speech, association, religion, and so forth.



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