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Are you a passionate freedom lover who wants to be a part of a collaborative effort to pushback against the globalist agenda?

Are you ready to share resources and brainstorm with other passionate freedom lovers?

Do you want to use your skills and voice to create effective global pushback?

You’re in the right place!

We are not inviting you to ‘partner’ with us, we’re inviting you to work with us 🙂 

RWF doesn’t want to ‘take over’ anything. We believe in decentralization. We simply want to CONNECT people so they can collaborate through effective and secure communication.

We won’t be micro-managing or controlling anything. Once groups are formed, they can do what they want. We will only offer suggestions. The key is bringing the right people together, the rest is up to them. 

We have processes in place already that can facilitate strategic communication, help to spread initiatives globally, and offer resources and suggestions when needed. 

Organizations won’t be losing their identity, brand, or autonomy. It’s a chance to share resources and push back together.

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* We do not recommend front-line workers to participate in the walk-out

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