New Zealand passes world’s MOST EXTREME abortion legislation

You can now have an abortion in NZ for ANY reason, without doctor consultation, until birth.

The baby can be partially born for harvesting their hearts and then ‘aborted’.

The baby will have no pain relief whatsoever.

Even if you are ‘pro choice’ regarding abortion…surely THIS IS TOO FAR!

Read more about it here and here



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  1. I am absolutely heart broken 💔 feeling sick to the stomach.. what on earth is actually okay about this.. Sick twisted deluded deranged this should be murder…. bless there wee souls the wee innocent murdered babies

  2. This is the devil incarnate
    Harvest an unborn infant’s heart is like harvesting animals organs or crops

    This is a human being
    This is Killing at its worst
    This is greed
    This is abomination
    This is cruelty
    This is CRIMINAL
    This is bullying the voiceless
    This is preposterous
    This is insane
    This is wicked
    This is hell
    This is SIN

    May All and the government be taken to task – for Vengeance is God’s and He hears the cries of the helpless and voiceless HOLY INNOCENCE

    1. I have no words 😪 for this news. God help us all. Your words best describes what I was thinking. I feel heart sick & nausea. 🙏 For those innocent little souls , that more women will never do that to their own baby.

  3. If anyone supports this and does not stand against it, tell me, at what age does this stop? Right now, it is being done to vulnerable babies who cannot protect themselves. If we as their protectors no longer protect them from this evil, don’t think anyone will protect you or I, when no age limits are put on this type of action. They are legalizing brutal murder!!!! Call it what it is…

  4. “the only thing necessary for evil to thrive is that good people do nothing”
    “the strength of the wicked comes from the cowardice of the good”
    “silence is complicity”

  5. This is what happens when you get as far away from God as possible. There’s no such thing as Hell but there is an immutable law of the universe that says you must experience that which you create.

    1. what makes you think there is no such thing as hell ? there are over 162 references to hell just in the New Testament alone. The smartest thing the devil ever did was to convince people he did not exist

  6. This is what happens when” Christians” don’t pray for their country and MPs, we get a Witch and her underlings hell bent on destroying NZ by stealth and division of races etc

  7. May God protect the innocent babies and if we stay silent we actually agree to murder of innocent babies. No abortion is acceptable for whatever reason. Mothers to be- Please think carefully before making such a decision. There is always other alternatives.