New Zealand Political Prisoner

The police arrested local freedom fighter Tracy Livingston, for alleged breach of bail following a charge of intentionally breaching the Covid-19 Order (“Order”) during the last national Order. Tracy stood outside the Tauranga Police Station to protest against the Order. She did not harm anyone. But she was arrested. According to Tracy’s solicitor, the police notes prove their conduct is politically motivated. Tracy is out of jail but with a 24-hour curfew until Thursday, when she’s next in court.

Calling all New Zealand locals to drowd outside Tauranga Court on Thursday from 9:30am.

Watch the arrest here:



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  1. Absolutely disgusting and deeply saddening that such an exceptionally brave and upstanding woman gets arrested for peacefully protesting against tyranny!!! DISGRACEFUL!!! The cops should be ashamed of themselves for being so forcefully disrespectful towards this very brave woman. DICTATORS!!!