Anti-lockdown Activist in Australia Faces Long-Term Jail, Here’s How you can Help Fight Back

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Australian journalist and freedom activist Monica Smit, who you might have remembered for her courage in protesting draconian COVID-19 measures and was jailed for three weeks because of her activism, joins The John-Henry Westen Show today with a new update.

Monica speaks to me about a recent warrant placed on her which violates her rights to privacy and that failure to comply with this unjust warrant will surely mean that she would be forced to go to prison.

In March of this year, Australian police in Melbourne issued a warrant to search the accounts of applications and social media platforms on her phones that they got a hold of when she was arrested last year. However, it wasn’t limited to this.

Monica tells me what’s even worse is that the police also want access to private data of the staff and followers of her organization “Reignite Democracy Australia.” She states that if she would permit the police to access this information it “would give the police somewhat of a list of political opposition in Australia.”

The freedom advocate appealed this warrant but it wasn’t granted, so she now has less than a month to comply or face prison time. Nevertheless, she is determined to fight this unjust action all the way.

We’ve set up a LifeFunder for Monica Smit and her courageous crusade for freedom. Please consider supporting her today by clicking here.

Monica first spoke to the show in September 2021 and shared her experience of spending three weeks in prison, including how it was an opportunity for her to grow in a deeper spiritual relationship with God.

The activist now tells me that that relationship is even stronger and she’s unafraid for the fight ahead.

“God has put me in this position where I have, for whatever reason, the gift of fortitude to withstand this mental anguish, the mental trauma of being attacked by the government and the police,” she says.



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