Italy: Vax Mandate Lawsuit Successful (July 15 2022)

The Florence Regional Court overturned Suspension of Psychologist (who was subject to mandatory vaccination) On Excellent Grounds. The judge explicitly identifies the mRNA injections as experimental

Guest:Renate Holzeisen – Lawyer and certified Accountant, Italy – Session 113 – July 15, 2022

About: Report on a remarkable Cautelar order (urgent proceedings due to imminent irreparable damage) of an Italian judge on COVID-19 injection (inaudita altera parte). .

The actual trial is set for September.

The Corona Committee was founded on the initiative of Attorney and Economist Viviane Fischer and Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. It is conducting a review of evidence on the Corona crisis and measures.

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  1. Great news! Attorney Dr. Reiner has been BORN for this very task, excellent outcome, it gives me great hope!
    Remember everyone, coercion is NOT consent, and this is an experiment first and foremost, how many will they kill?

  2. The Vaccine it self is a lie and the so called Pandemic was a trojan horse created so as to trick lie people into taking the lie vax..
    No where in History has any vaccine served as a savior that should be the cause of mandating a untested unproven unknown fraud vaccine onto any one.. its a crime of the first degree.

  3. This is only the most Incredible of decisions made by this Italian Judge who decided that the employee who was ordered to be vaxxed has full right to say no for every reason that those of us in the know have been aware of from the beginning. And that he must be reinstated in his job.
    Everyone must listen to this in detail as it is the best most honest thorough legal decision made since the beginning of this crime against humanity. Our thanks to the fine Italian judge of the Court of Florence, Italy who addressed so many of the key critical issues so completely and so fairly for all of the world.

    Everyone must view this video. The happiest news in three years!! Bless you Judge, one wise, fair and brave human being. Wendy from Canada

  4. Hopefully more court cases are brought forward regarding this, we all have a right to what is put in our bodies! Government does not know what’s best for me, nor do I want their involvement in my safety!

  5. May this Judge in Florence in Italy know that she has by her ruling, displayed the Morality, Integrity and conviction to enable the world to change!
    We the people stand with her, United in the cause to save humanity from these degenerates who without any conscience, respect or dignity, occupy places of influence & power.
    May God bless & protect her !!