Boost your vitamin d

This initiative is a reminder that we need to boost our vitamin D levels, so we are energetic and ready to push back against whatever is thrown at us. 

Not every initiative will feel like a direct threat to the globalists but sometimes, we all need a reminder to take a breath, go outside and rejuvenate.

Steps to take;

1. Spend at least three hours outdoors every week. 

2. Get your Vitamin D levels checked at the doctors as soon as you can. Make a plan to boost your levels to at least 120 nanomoles

3. Watch the two videos on this page. They are over a year old, but the content is very applicable to this, and you will learn why Vitamin D is so important to our overall health and well-being. 

4. There is a great app, called Dminder that helps you know what time of day vitamin D exposure is at its optimum in your area based on many elements. 




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