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Mind and Body Detox Ltd

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To help to create communities worldwide who are able to live without threat and coercion from authorities who are largely driven by profit. To ensure the members of the communities always have their bodily autonomy, medical freedom and the right to make fully informed choices.


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The globalists have a plan. That is sure.
We are told this is an information war but it is more than that
We have to defeat the globalists if humanity and civilisation is to survive
For this we need a plan
Everyone talks about the New Awakening. But it does not matter how many awakened poeple we have if they are not organised for taking action
There are many great alternative sites and channels on the net that report on events of the day in the news
But no one, but no one, is giving any deep analysis of where we are and now we get out of this mess
This is why I have created NATIONS OVER GLOBALISM where I set out how we can win against the globalists
This we do through our nation
And I go into the details of the political philosophy, the new economics and institutional structures to explain how this can happen
Above all. we have to get rid of the parasites within the nation that serve the globalists
And we need a new constitution and I describe its principles

The Light Truth Paper / The Light Recruit

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In a world where our values and rights are being chipped away, it has never been more important to align ourselves with others who value liberty, freedom and personal sovereignty – both in our personal lives and within the workplace.
The Light Recruit strives to bring togeth­er recruiters and can­di­dates whose val­ues align