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Making publicity for thé network of connection.
Showing that we are part of the many.
Hope, love and respect for thé creatie.

La Zone Libre - Free Zone - Vrije Zone

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La Zone Libre est une initiative citoyenne sans affiliation politique. Notre but principal est la protection de la constitution et l´état de droit.

Anthony Stabourlos

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I will personally fight for the right to freedom, liberty and integrity of all our children and citizens. We must end this tyrannical road towards a totalitarian control society.


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Making a heart based connection. Feeling again. Opening the true potential of the humans.

Quero emigrar

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A nossa missão é a verdade sem filtro, porque emigrar não é esquecer. Nós nunca esqueceremos.

Our mission is truth without filter, because to emigrate is not to forget. We will never forget.

(Explanation: queroemigrar means I wish to emigrate)

William Gisgand

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Be really responsible and look beyond the usual narratives. It’s all up to you, the 7 billions people.