Australian fertility specialist FIRED for sharing disturbing data

Fertility Issues; Senior Australian Dr. Reported to have been Sacked for Refusing C-19 Jab and for Trying to Publish Data Showing that 74% of Vaccinated Women in His Practice Suffer Miscarriage.

I’m yet to see MSM report on this but there is this article

I found a video on YouTube about it, but it’s gone already…not surprsiing



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  1. I am committed to supporting REIGNITE World Freedom…I cannot however ‘walkout’ of my job as I do not have a job to ‘walkout’ from…since being a mandated /stood down Health care worker in South Australia. I will support any other measures. Thankyou for all your great work and commitment to the rest of us. Let’s continue to ‘raise the fight!

  2. Restricting population growth by stealth – That’s what it’s all about. A few athlete heart attacks in between would be a bonus.

    1. You’re RIGHT! The logical next accountability step is for YOU to source your required data, instead of commenting in a way that absolves you of effort to acquire that which you desire. He is a Brisbane resident, and in practice in Brisbane. Should not be too difficult for the intelligent to locate him and facilitate communication. 😊

  3. This is disgusting that a top doctor in this field of medicine could be sacked for doing his job well and in a scientific manner. This is Totalitarian and shows just how far this Govt is prepared to go to stop their lies and the dangers of the jab from being exposed by professionals! People in this Country are not all fools, nor are they all blind! The Truth will always come out at some point!

  4. Luke McLindon deserves widespread support for his integrity and courage to stand against the tide of deliberate negligence causing death and injury, extortion, manipulation, collusion and an overt agenda on global control at unimaginable levels.
    I will shake your hand Luke, and thank you for your commitment in the service of others.