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Jan 11

We Stand With Dr. Jordan Peterson

January 11 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST


January 11
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST
Event Country:


College of Psychologists
110 Eglinton Ave W
Toronto, Ontario Canada
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  1. I support Dr. Jordan Peterson. He has helped so many people. The College should be honouring him. Dr. Peterson doesn’t need reeducation, the College does. Please send me details of the upcoming protest or event.

  2. F🍁CK Trudeau and his so called army. We are the land of the brave and free.

    Trudeau’s day is coming when he is arrested and put in jail.

  3. I don’t mind “standing with” free speech as a principle, meaning as applied to everyone. I don’t feel comfortable however with Jordan Peterson’s face on my “Canada” page, because he has already attacked Canada in league with Alberta premier Danielle Smith, a western separatist in sync with the PQ, who is, according to my 20 years of research on point, working to dismantle Canada to complete the North American Union under the planned world government. Here’s a video commentary by a couple of pretty smart fellows who could probably take Peterson in an arm-wrestling match: https://www.bitchute.com/video/5eD5Ng7kuGCm/
    I am not a Peterson fan for the additional reason that I doubt that he is a conservative, and has taken on the “God” and “Jesus” theme lately likely only to buy the western Canadian conservative religious population with his breakup Canada routine expressing sympathy for Alberta independence. I’m not unsympathetic to ideas; I just happen to have spent 20+ years studying the Quebec secession racket, of which the Alberta Sovereignty racket is a mere extension, and is run by globalists using Quebec, and now the West, to dismantle Canada into international city-states in the North American Region under the planned world government based in Ezra Levant’s terror state Israel, which is why Levant has always pushed to dismantle Canada using Quebec, and now using Alberta, and now abusing the Freedom Convoy to make Trudeau’s “reaction” to it a pretext to dismantle the country for Levant’s favorite cause: world government planted in Jerusalem. And by the way, Levant, a Reform Party adviser, never had any objection to Reform or its successor under Harper “negotiating” with the Parti Quebecois on behalf of the “rest of Canada”; however, the PQ is communist, on the old Yugoslav model. Bookmark this: http://1972manifesto.net/ And “secession” is illegal in Canada, the Constitution was designed that way in 1861-1867; the “Supreme Court” lied in its 1998 Quebec “secession” opinion, which was rigged. The “court” was packed with globalists. And by the way, when the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada (or for that matter of any of the provincial appeal “courts”) issues an advisory opinion, they are not in legal reality sitting as judges, they have no declaratory power in the advisory function and cannot state the law; and moreover, the advisory function is unconstitutional and illegal, and all the advisories from 1875 onward, including the 1998 Quebec “secession” scam, are void; constitutionally void. And even if that were not the case, Quebec has not been trying to “secede” to become “sovereign”; it’s being used by globalists to destroy the national Crown and Constitution of Canada on the road to world government, after which Quebec will divvy up the powers it steals to the new global institutions.

  4. Here’s another reason why I would not pair Jordan Peterson with “free speech” and rush to “his” defense against the College of Psychologists. I would rather defend the “free speech” of all professionals and academics and all people regardless of view, short of slander and calls to genocides, against control by professional boards and social media of all kinds AS A PRINCIPLE and let all sides argue freely, without putting any particular face on it, and certainly not Peterson’s face, or I should say faces, because he is at least two-faced.

    In this video, go to 24minutes 53 seconds, where Alice is drinking the bottle labeled “Clean your room” and listen:

    Exclude the “radical right”
    from debate.

    Narrator: Many are aware of Peterson’s hypocritical decision to “uninvite” Canadian journalist Faith Goldy from a free-speech event at the Canada Christian College in November of 2017 with his stated reason being that Faith had chosen to “associate” with someone on the political right whose opinions he disagreed with.

    Male from the audience: I understand that Faith Goldy was removed from the original August panel because of her podcast with the controversial Daily Stormer after Charlottesville. This seems like a performative contradiction through …. because of one interview, while claiming to believe in freedom of speech.

    Peterson: She was, she was “associating” with people whose views she should have questioned. It was her journalistic, uh, responsibility to question them. And, as a consequence of that, she became too hot a property.

    Narrator: What is less known, however, is that Jordan Peterson has a personal rule of intentionally excluding people from public debate based on their opinions and points of view.

    Peterson: We know how to put a BOX around the EXTREMISTS on the Right. Basically, we say, oh, you’re making claims of ethnic or racial superiority. You’re not part of the conversation any more.

    Peterson: I mean, I think the fundamental criteria for drawing boundaries around the right are claims of racial or ethnic superiority. That seems to me to be the place where conservativism degenerates into something approximating ethno-nationalist fascism. It’s something like that.

    Narrator: According to Peterson, anyone who thinks there is a biological difference between the different genetic groups of human beings must be isolated and excluded from all public debate of any kind. This is beyond hypocritical, given that Peterson admitted himself on Stefan Molyneux’s show that there exist large and permanent discrepancies in average IQ between the different racial groups:

    Peterson: So, IQ is a particularly ugly aspect of Science because the IQ… the IQ literature reveals that which no one would want to be the case. Which is that there are PROFOUND and virtually irremediable differences in peoples’ cognitive performance. And that those differences have a very .. a very solid, biological and heritable basis. No one wants to hear that. They don’t want to hear that it’s biological. They don’t want to hear that it’s heritable. They don’t want to hear it’s permanent. They don’t want to hear that it’s irremediable, and that it actually has a practical consequence. And no wonder they don’t want to hear it.” …

    We are therefore ironically called to “stand with” and defend the free speech of a man who himself NOT ONLY does not defend the free speech of others but curries a strategy for excluding from debate, i.e. CANCELLING, anyone whose views he feels ought to be silenced to serve his own objectives such as merely staging the appearance of “free public debate” to better control the outcome.

    I’ll stick with the principle. Free speech for everyone. Peterson included. We shouldn’t exclude free hypocritical speech from free speech.