BREAKING NEWS – police drop incitement charges!

Everything I want to say about this is in the video below 

My name is Monica Smit. I live in Victoria, Australia.

In September 2021, I was arrested for encouraging people to exercise their human right to protest. I was given draconian bail conditions, which I refused to sign, and spent 22 days in solitary confinement in a maximum security prison.

appealed the bail conditions and won. I was released to continue my work.

Then the police got a warrant to force me to provide them with all my passwords to all my phone apps. The punishment for not complying is 5 years in prison. I refused to comply.

Today…the police have DROPPED THE CHARGES.

This is what they said

“The Director of Public Prosecutions has decided to discontinue the incitement charges on the basis that there is no longer a public interest in pursuing these matters, given the time Ms Smit has already spent in custody. For the same reason, the s 465AA order (password warrant) will not be enforced.

It pays off to stand up for your convictions.

This is not a win for ME, it’s a win for ALL OF US!

Thank you for all your support! I could not have done it without you.

Now I have a new set of wings, and we’re going global to fight back against globalist organisations like WHO and WEF.

Join the movement, it’s going to be massive!



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  1. Howdy Warrior, ans congrats to you for standing your grond. You my dear girl, did indeed hold the line for us all, and we will continue to support you in this battle for human rights.

    Standing with you yesterday, today, and forver